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  Short Description: Industrial Floor Repair
Market: Commercial
Project Value: Under 50K
Project Description:  

This is a typical warehouse out in Mississauga like many other warehouses. Warehouses take a lot of abuse and punishment from foot track, to loading and unloading of products, to heavier levels of wear and tear from order pickers and forklifts. Spills happen, especially in a warehouse. They happen on a large scale. Depending on the products, the spills could be another major damaging factor to the concrete surface. All these factors listed above, contribute to the wearing out of the protective concrete surface, exposing the fragile aggregates underneath, acelerating the degradation process. By installing an extra layer of protection (ie: epoxy coating, concrete sealing, etc...), this will prolong the lifecyle of the concrete floor. From a business perspective, it may seem costly in the beginning, but in the long run, the return on your investment is less shutdown time due concrete repairs, less damage to wheels on expensive heavy machinery, the list goes on. That alone is a savings that a savvy business owner should not neglect.


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