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When choosing epoxy colour(s) for your project, please consider the following. When using solid colours, light colours generally provide a brighter, airier environment than dark colours. Multi-coloured floors are another way to make an area brighter and airier while still using dark coloured backgrounds. Multi-coloured floors hide more visual variations of the substrate than solid coloured floors. Normally, the higher the gloss the more intense the colour. Wheel marks and dirt naturally show up more on pale colours than on other choices. When selecting a base colour for multi-coloured applications, it is best to use colours that are not too light. Instead use lighter colours as accent colours to brighten the colour and the room. A.S. Epoxy Coatings will customize colours to the client's specifications.

Solid Epoxy Colours Enlarged Image of Selected Style
White Sail Epoxy White Sail Epoxy Light Sand Epoxy Light Taupe Epoxy Seafoam Green Epoxy Light Teal Green Epoxy Dark Teal Green Epoxy Golden Rod Epoxy Light Grey Epoxy Smoke Grey Epoxy
Slate Grey Epoxy Gunmetal Grey Epoxy Red Clay Epoxy Chocolate Brown Epoxy Firebrick Red Epoxy Scarlet Red Epoxy Mist Grey Epoxy Sky Blue Epoxy Sea Blue Epoxy midnight Black Epoxy
Flake Epoxy Coatings
Black White Flake Epoxy Beige Grey Flake Epoxy Grey Burgundy Flake Epoxy Beige Tan Flake Epoxy Tan Brown Flake Epoxy Beige Blue Flake Epoxy Smoke Beige Flake Epoxy Beige Green Flake Epoxy Black Gold Flake Epoxy Small Black Gold Flake Epoxy Large
Gold Black Flake Epoxy Small Gold Black Flake Epoxy Large                
Quartz Sand Epoxy Coatings
Blue Sand Epoxy Aqua Sand Epoxy Red Sand Epoxy Green Sand Epoxy Terra Cotta Sand Epoxy Yellow Black Sand Epoxy Terra Cotta Black Sand Epoxy Tand Sand Epoxy Oatmeal Sand Epoxy Black Sand Epoxy
Grey Sand Epoxy Silver Sand Epoxy                

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